Sumit Pal

Sumit Pal is an Ex Gartner-VP Analyst in Data Management & Analytics where he advised CTOs, CDOs, CDAOs, Enterprise Architects and Data Architects on Data Strategy, Data Architectures, implementation and choosing tools, frameworks, and vendors for building data platforms and end-to-end data driven systems. Sumit has advised hundreds of organizations and CDOs over the last 5 years and provided guidance, insights, trend analysis on best practices with technology to solve their complex data challenges. Sumit spans the spectrum - from formulating data strategy with CDO/CTO teams to architecting, designing, and building data platforms and solutions to writing, deploying, and debugging code. Sumit is a published author of a book on SQL Engine and has also developed a MOOC course on Big Data. Sumit has also published a MOOC - Big Data Analyst. Sumit hiked to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Oct 2016. Sumit also blogs at

How to Select a Streaming Platform

With stream processing flipping the data processing paradigm from store then process to process then store, the critical capabilities to evaluate when building streaming applications are vastly different from those for batch. Here we discuss the available choices for building streaming solutions and a high-level guidance for selecting them.