Survey Highlights Surge in Cloud Adoption and Strategic Multi-cloud Engagement

The survey found a notable shift towards increased efficient cloud adoption, as well as a move to strategic multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies.

The adoption of cloud computing continues to escalate among tech professionals and IT leaders, as indicated by IT management software company Flexera’s “2024 State of the Cloud” report . This year’s findings reveal a significant uptick in the number of organizations planning to migrate more workloads to the cloud, highlighting a trend toward more sophisticated utilization of cloud resources.

Cloud migration and the multi-cloud

This year’s survey gathered responses from over 750 tech professionals and IT leaders. It reveals a notable shift towards increased and more efficient cloud adoption, as well as robust engagement with multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Responses show 58% of respondents planning to escalate their cloud workloads in 2024, highlighting an industry-wide effort to optimize existing cloud resources effectively. The establishment of FinOps teams in over half of the organizations underlines a strategic approach to curbing unnecessary cloud expenditure. Furthermore, the adoption of sophisticated multi-cloud (89%) and hybrid cloud (73%) setups indicates a deepening commitment to leveraging cloud technologies for greater business agility. Organizations increasingly operate applications across diverse clouds and enhance operational continuity by enabling workload failover between clouds. This signifies a strategic embrace of the cloud as a foundational element for innovative business solutions.

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Challenges and Opportunities in Cloud Adoption

Despite the enthusiasm for cloud migration, challenges remain. Identifying application dependencies is cited as a significant hurdle, alongside the need for cost assessments comparing on-premises and cloud solutions. However, the report also sheds light on the rapid adoption of generative AI services in the public cloud, with 85% of organizations using them in some capacity, though many are still in the experimentation phase. This exploration of new technologies, alongside the evolving strategies for cloud deployment, reflects a dynamic and advancing landscape for cloud computing in the tech industry.

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