27 Cloud Data Vendors to Watch at Snowflake Summit 2022

As companies continue to digitize their operations and generate exponential amounts of data, cloud computing is becoming more important for organizations to manage their data. In addition to storing data, cloud vendors also provide services such as analytics, security, and storage. These vendors are growing rapidly, and they offer a variety of services, including integrations and features specific to different platforms, including Snowflake, AWS, and more. 

There might not be a better place to learn about them face-to-face than at the annual Snowflake Summit. This year it takes place June 13-16 in Las Vegas and features 10 tracks, 250 sessions, and 200 ecosystem partners. 

We’ve compiled a list of 27 ecosystem partners we’ll be watching at the conference.

We’ll be attending the conference to learn more about this robust ecosystem of Snowflake partners. If you would like to discuss how RTInsights and CDInsights can amplify your company’s message, set up a meeting with us!

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Data Science


Product: DataRobot AI Cloud Platform

DataRobot is a machine learning platform. It helps organizations build, deploy, and manage models by giving data scientists access to real-time data from all major cloud providers. It supports data engineering, MLOps, and explainable AI.


Product: SISU Decision Intelligence Engine

SISU’s Decision Intelligence Engine helps businesses make decisions based on data analysis. The system uses machine learning algorithms to analyze large amounts of data and predict future events. This technology allows companies to identify trends and patterns in customer behavior, which enables them to create personalized experiences for customers.


Products: Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta, Intelligence Suite, Machine Learning, Auto Insights, and more 

The Alteryx Analytics platform automates data preparation, transformation, and analysis for business users who want to quickly analyze large amounts of data. This allows them to focus on the insights they need instead of having to spend hours preparing data for analysis.


Product: Data Insight 

Einblick Analytics, an MIT and Brown University spin-off, provides a platform for businesses to access and analyze their customer data. The company’s main product is called “Data Insight” which allows users to create custom reports based on their data. This tool helps business owners understand how customers behave across different channels, such as email, web, mobile apps, etc. by applying descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.


Product: Satori

Satori is a platform for managing data governance that incorporates a DataSecOps approach. It helps companies find all the data assets in their organization and then categorize them into different buckets based on where they came from, who owns them, what format they are in, and whether they need to be cleaned up or archived. This way, data that needs to be managed is more easily identified. It provides a single interface for users to access and control their data across multiple clouds, including both public and private clouds.


Products: Tecton, Feaast

Tecton, founded by the team that created the Uber Michelangelo platform, helps machine learning engineers build better models using data science techniques such as feature engineering, model selection, hyperparameter optimization, and evaluation metrics along with online inference capabilities.


Product: Rasgo

Rasgo provides a web application for data scientists to analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily. The company was founded in 2014 by former Google engineers who wanted to create a tool that would help them process massive amounts of data efficiently. They were able to achieve this goal by developing a new technology called “Rasgo,” which enables users to recognize patterns and  run complex algorithms on terabytes of data in seconds. The platform includes data prep and data visualization capabilities.


Products: Tellus Data Platform, Think Ubiquitous

Tellus offers a cloud-based platform for data integration and analysis. The company provides a suite of tools that allow users to integrate disparate data sources into one unified view and then apply advanced analytics to discover insights from those integrated datasets. Think Ubiquitous is a set of modular, plug-and-play computational utility packages that can be accessed through the Tellus Data platform.

ETL / ELT / Data Engineering


Products: Matillion ETL, Matillion Data Loader

Matillion offers a cloud-based data integration and transformation platform. The Matillion platform helps organizations load, transform, and merge data from multiple sources. Matillion also provides a number of features for analytics, including support for real-time streaming data. 


Product: Fivetran

Fivetran’s main product is a data integration platform that helps organizations connect their data from multiple and varied sources. It offers a number of features such as support for real-time streaming data, automatic schema creation, and support for multiple data formats as well as pre-built connectors between sources and targets. It allows for real-time monitoring of data pipelines.


From data governance and privacy needs to AI and ETL, Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud helps organizations manage their data across any multi-Cloud, Hybrid System and unifies all their data sources.


Product: Airbyte

AirByte provides an open-source, cloud-based platform for big data analysis. The company provides tools for data scientists and analysts to perform ETL and advanced analytics on large volumes of unstructured data. IT includes over a hundred connectors to route data from a range of sources to a range of targets.


Products: Ironstream, Spectrum Discovery, Data360, Boundaries, and more

Precisely, formerly Infogix, offers data governance products that help organizations collect, understand, and govern their data. Their Data Integrity Suite brings together the tools needed to ensure the privacy and security of data through automation. The Data Integrity Suite also includes location, business, and consumer data so that companies can safely enrich their own data.


Products: Qlik Active Intelligence Platform, Qlik Cloud Platform, Qlik Sense, Qlik AutoML, QlikView, and more

Known for its pioneering data visualization technology, Qlik offers the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform for data mining, predictive analytics, and business intelligence. The platform provides users with tools to analyze large amounts of data and identify trends.


Products: Snowplow BDP, Snowplow Open Source

Snowplow provides an open-source data collection platform specializing in behavioral data. It helps organizations track events in real time and store them in a centralized repository. It includes analytics features to derive insights from behavioral data.


Products: Workato

Workato is a cloud-based integration platform that helps organizations connect their data from multiple sources while integrating and automating the associated workflows. It offers a number of features, such as support for real-time streaming data, automatic schema creation, recipe capabilities for complex workflow automation, and support for multiple data formats.


Product: The SnapLogic Intelligent iPaaS 

SnapLogic is an integration platform serving both applications and data that helps organizations to connect their data from multiple sources. It offers API Management, ETL/ELT capabilities, and automation.

Security and Governance


Products: Alation Data Catalog, Alation Connectors, Alation Platform, Alation Data Governance App, Alation Cloud Service

Alation offers a suite of products enabling important aspects of data governance. The Data Catalog is a key part of its portfolio. The Data Catalog helps companies to discover, understand, and govern their data. Alation also offers a number of features for analytics, including support for real-time streaming data.


Product: Immuta

Immuta is a platform that manages the security and governance of data assets by allowing organizations to define complex security policies and monitor access events, essentially watching how the security policies are performing.


Product: Atlan Data Workspace

Atlan has its roots in a team of data practitioners who built a very large data lake for the Indian government. Its Data Workspace product is a data management platform with a data catalog at its core and an emphasis on collaboration, making it easier for employees to access data required for their jobs. It allows the automation of many business processes associated with data.


Products: BigID.me, Small BigID, BigID Enterprise, BigID Cloud

BigID is a data management and governance system that provides identification of and insight into an organization’s data assets, whether in multiple clouds or on-premises. The system’s four suites cover all aspects of data cataloging: discovery, security, privacy, and governance.


Products: Autometrics, Issues, Delta, and more

Bigeye offers a data observability platform with tools to measure, monitor, and improve data quality. Organizations can also observe data during migration and integration processes to avoid or remedy instances of data corruption or inaccuracy.


Products: Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, Cribl.Cloud, AppScope

Cribl is a data processing platform with an emphasis on data observability. Probably the most important component of any data architecture is a data pipeline, which is a series of processes that transforms raw material into useful information. It lets businesses collect, process, and route data even across more efficient or more scalable storage options.


Product: PivaceraCloud

Privacera helps organizations protect sensitive information from unauthorized access through encryption and secure storage. The company also provides solutions for compliance and risk management.


Products: Tamr Core, Tamr Cloud

Tamr is a data curation platform with data cleansing, data integrity, and master data management capabilities that aim to provide accurate, trustworthy data to an enterprise.


Products: Pulse for Compute Performance Monitoring, Torch for Data Reliability, Flow for Data Pipeline Observability

AccelData provides a platform for monitoring and analyzing all types of data from any source, whether they are structured or unstructured. This includes data from databases, logs, files, APIs, and other sources. The goal is to provide users with a single view of all their data, which allows them to quickly analyze and understand what’s happening across their entire infrastructure. It’s a way for organizations to gain visibility into how their applications work at scale across all infrastructure components. This includes monitoring application performance, availability, scalability, security, and reliability.


Product: UiPath Platform for Automation

UiPath is a software company that provides solutions for automating business processes through robotic process automation. It helps businesses automate manual tasks such as data entry, document management, email processing, customer service, and other repetitive workflows.

*Lisa Damast contributed to this article.

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