Top Conferences for Data and AI Professionals Working with the Cloud

Updated: December 12, 2023

As advanced technologies such as machine learning and cloud computing become increasingly popular, there are more and more conferences popping up all over the world. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve, or just want to learn more about these growing fields, attending one of these conferences is a great way to do so. 

We’ve compiled a list of top conferences related to cloud data taking place in 2023 and will continue to update on a regular basis as we come across more. 

If you have any that you want to share with the readers of, please send the info to this address.

December 2023


From the conference site: “At PrestoCon, users from industry-leading companies will share use cases and best practices, developers will discuss project features and considerations; and users and developers will collaborate to advance the use of Presto as a fast and reliable SQL engine for data analytics and the open lakehouse for companies around the globe.”

Date: December 5-6, 2023

Location: Mountain View, CA

The AI Summit

From the conference site: “Taking place in the nexus of global commerce, the AI Summit New York is your chance to meet the ecosystem’s pioneering tech authorities and get exclusive access to the business leaders driving them.” Save 10% when you register with the discount code: RTINSIGHTS10OFF

Date: December 6-7, 2023

Location: New York, NY


From the conference site: “The AI EXPO is the premier event for exploring the latest trends and technologies in artificial intelligence. Our one-day event in Austin, TX brings together industry leaders, researchers, and innovators to share their knowledge and experience.”

Date: December 9, 2023

Location: Austin, TX

Cassandra Summit

From the conference site: “It’s time for the Apache Cassandra® community to gather again. We’ve been apart for too long, and it’s time to celebrate what we’ve built together and share what’s next. Since a small group of distributed systems engineers gathered for the first Cassandra Summit, Apache Cassandra has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that powers critical workloads. The project’s velocity is up, and its most exciting years are ahead. It’s time to show how organizations everywhere are bridging Cassandra to the future..”

Date: December 12-13, 2023

Location: San Jose, CA

February 2024

AI Summit West

From the conference site: “Discover advances in Deep Learning, Advanced ML and the latest  real-world applications of AI.”

Date: February 13-14, 2024

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Transform 24

From the conference site: “Where data, analytics, and AI teams go to transform their strategy, skills, and careers.”

Date: February 19-23, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV

MWC 2024

From the conference site: “Explore innovation, meet industry giants and unlock opportunities – at the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event.”

Date: February 26-29, 2024

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Generative AI for Marketing Summit

From the conference site: “The first event for strategic marketing leaders to come together and explore the transformative technology.”

Date: February 27-28, 2024

Location: London, UK

March 2024

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

From the conference site: “Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023 addressed the most signficant challenges that data and analytics leaders face as they deliver business value. 

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that data & analytic leaders met on included:

  1. Delivering digital business success 
  2. Attracting the right talent and skills 
  3. Dispel the myths of AI 
  4. Understanding data ecosystems 
  5. Optimizeing intelligent decisions with competitive differentiators.” 

Date: March 11 – 13, 2024

Location: Orlando, FL

2024 GTC AI

From the conference site: “From the highly anticipated keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang to over 600 inspiring sessions, 200+ exhibits, and tons of unique networking events, GTC delivers something for every technical level and interest area. Whether you join us in person or virtually, you’re in for an incredible experience at the conference for the era of AI.”

Date: March 18-21, 2024

Location: San Jose, CA and Virtual

April 2024

GenAI for Business Conference

From the conference site: “The conference will bring together experts, thought leaders, and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to discuss the impact of generative AI on businesses and society at large. The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including large-scale AI models, deep learning, natural language processing, GPT and beyond, model as service, and computer vision, among others. It will also highlight the latest research findings, best practices, and real-world use cases of generative AI in various industries, such as healthcare, finance, marketing, consulting, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment etc.”

Date: April 11-12, 2024

Location: New York, NY

ODSC East 2024

From the conference site: “ODSC is the lead conference to discover and learn the open-source tools and industry platforms driving the AI revolution, reconnect with the machine learning community, accelerate your learning and build your network.”

Date: April 23-25, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

World Summit AI Americas

From the conference site: “Now in its sixth year, World Summit AI Americas will once again bring together global AI leaders from enterprise, big tech, startups, academia, law, government and investment to hear the world’s brightest AI brains deliver innovative, cutting-edge, topical content, tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.” 

Date: April 24-25, 2024

Location: Montreal, CA

May 2024

Data Summit 2024

From the conference site: “At Data Summit 2024, you’ll hear the innovative approaches the world’s leading companies are taking to solve today’s key challenges in data management. Whether your interests lie in the technical possibilities and challenges of new and emerging technologies or using Big Data for business intelligence, analytics, and other business strategies, Data Summit 2024 has something for you!”

Date: May 8-9, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

June 2024

Snowflake Summit 2024

From the conference site: “Join us at Snowflake Summit 2024 to explore all the cutting-edge innovation the Data Cloud has to offer. Discover the latest in AI, genAI, Apache Iceberg, streaming, privacy-preserving collaboration, flexible programmability, application development and much more. Hear valuable insights from data and AI experts and business leaders, while discovering the limitless possibilities of data, AI and application collaboration for your organization.”

Date: June 3-6, 2024

Location: San Francisco, CA

Data + AI Summit 2024

From the conference site: “Data scientists, data engineers, analysts, developers, researchers and ML practitioners all attend Summit to learn from the world’s leading experts on topics such as: Data Strategy and Lakehouse Implementation; Data Warehousing, Analytics and BI; Data Governance, Generative AI, and more.”

Date: June 10-13, 2024

Location: San Francisco, CA and Virtual

July 2024


From the conference site: “Unlock the power of AI to drive large-scale business transformation”

Date: July 16-17, 2024

Location: Silicon Valley, CA

September 2024

Disney Data & Analytics Conference (DDAC)

From the conference site: ” The Disney Data & Analytics Conference brings together nearly 2,000 executives, managers, and analysts representing more than 250 organizations and universities, plus all segments of The Walt Disney Company. Attendees represent an array of analytic disciplines including Revenue Management, Pricing, Forecasting, Marketing Analytics, CRM, Finance, Research, Technology, Data Management, and Decision Science. This is your chance to network with other industry professionals and learn the latest and greatest in data and analytics!”

Date: September 9-11, 2024

Location: Orlando, FL

October 2024


From the conference site: “Join your data & analytics peers from leading brands across North America as you discover the latest trends and challenges facing your role.”

Date: October 15-17, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

AI DevWorld

From the conference site: “Join 2,000 Executives, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs at the world’s largest artificial intelligence dev conference.”

Date: October 24-26, 2024

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Updated: December 12, 2023

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