Interest in Zero Trust Explodes with Cloud Migration

Many believe that zero trust offers the best pathway for those seeking to reduce risks and mitigate weaknesses in complex data ecosystems.

A new survey from Zscaler has found that a vast majority of IT leaders have adopted or will adopt some measure of zero trust as they undergo cloud migrations. This is unsurprising in the era of complex security risks and underscores worries that the cloud is still risky.

Two-thirds of respondents believe a secure cloud transformation isn’t possible due to the continued use of legacy systems. Against this foundation, a majority also believe that zero trust will offer the best possible pathway for those seeking to reduce risks and mitigate weaknesses within complex data ecosystems.

It offers strong potential for IT leaders struggling to glean value from data and improve ROI on technology investments. However, confidence varies across the globe, with those in the Americas showing strong support. Other countries don’t have the same confidence.

So, what’s the disconnect? The report suggests that disagreement or lack of understanding about transformation could be behind it. Although security appears to be a significant barrier, some challenges might hide in how leaders think about the cloud.

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Hybrid work spurs zero trust interest, but wider strategy is still missing

Companies have begun to embrace hybrid environments following a period of heavy remote work. However, the report outlined a lack of focus on strategic outcomes. Leaders seem focused on security without a full awareness of business alignment when it comes to transformation.

Zscaler believes organizations could be more ambitious in their goals. They outlined four recommendations for capitalizing on zero trust:

  • Not all initiatives are created equal. Companies should focus on eliminating the attack surface.
  • Zero trust should enable business outcomes and overall transformation.
  • C-suite leaders should leverage information such as this survey to alleviate fears surrounding transformation.
  • Emerging technologies are a business competitive advantage, and companies should support them through zero trust principles.

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