Python Top Programming Language, But SQL Gets You Noticed

While most job listings specified a particular programming language for a position, many also want SQL expertise.

The IEEE Spectrum has released its ninth annual ranking of top programming languages, and Python tops the list. The study also found that employers are increasingly looking for SQL expertise, as well. The ranking is compiled using nine metrics based on information derived from a variety of sources.

While Python topped the list, the variants of C (C, C++, and C#) aggregated would outrank Python “by some margin,” according to the study. Other languages that remain popular include Java and Javascript. SQL alone fell somewhere between the two.

Numerous other studies find the same languages are in high demand. They may be ranked differently, but the mix of Python, Java, all the flavors of C, and more are in the top four or five. For example, DevJobsScanner analyzed more than seven million developer job listings over an eight-month period. It found the top programming languages in demand to be Javascript, Python, Java, and C#, followed by PHP, C/C++, Ruby, and Go.

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